Bergara B14 Varmint

Bergara B14 Sporter Varmint 308Win.  Þungt hlaup 24 tommur, 21,5mm snittað.

Verð: Þessi bysa er væntanleg.


Vörulýsing framleiðanda: The well known B14 in .308 Win with 24″ barrel and 21,5mm diameter at the muzzle.

Vörulýsing framleiðanda: We created our stocks for optimum comfort in all shooting positions. The SPORTER stock is made from polypropylene and fiberglass and comes with our Crush Zone® recoil pad for minimum impact.

Vörulýsing framleiðanda: Our B14 action is accurate, reliable and probably the smoothest bolt action on the market in its segment. It features a two-lug bolt with a 90º opening angle and the dimensions allow easy customization with all kinds of accessories (rails, mounts, triggers, stocks…) available on the market.