Bergara B14 Sporter

B14 Sporter. Verð: Þessi bysa er uppseld sem stendur og verður fáanleg í sérpöntun.

Cal 6,5×55. Hlauplengd 24 tommur. Twist 1:8.66″. Hlaup snittað M14x1. Magasín innbygt 4+1.

Cal 308Win. Hlauplengd 22 tommur. Twist 1:12″. Hlaup snittað M15x1. Magasín innbygt 4+1.

Laust magasin er fáanlegt í sérpöntun.

Vörulýsing framleiðanda: The New Bergara Bolt action rifle will surprise you with its silky smooth action and its excellent trigger. You will like it when you see it, but you will love when you take it. BERGARA B14 is designed and built for the most demanding hunters and leisure shooters.

Vörulýsing framleiðanda: The floorplate capacity is 3+1 for magnum calibers and 4 +1 for the rest. The capacity in the detachable magazine for standard calibers is 3+1 and for magnum calibers 2+1.

Vörulýsing framleiðanda: The very crisp trigger is easily adjustable to the users’ ideal pull weight making it an important additional security and accuracy element. (The rifle leaves our factory with a 1,4kg trigger pull weight).